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- Grill Bar 山地 -

Hokkaido gourmet

A restaurant specializing in Hokkaido cuisine, which is rare in Kagoshima.

You can enjoy the fresh and gourmet food directly from Hokkaido.

Hokkaido ingredients are delicious

Freshly picked vegetables, delicious seafood from Hokkaido, meat grown in vast land …

Please enjoy gorgeous and beautiful dishes by the master who fell in love with delicious ingredients.

Now For

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Space like a hideout

Wooden design with height on the ceiling

The comfort of the "Grill Bar Mountains" that you can relax involuntarily is due to the design that the master was particular about and the abundant use of "trees" in the structure.

The door is a special one brought from Hokkaido.

The many antique items that decorate the store are also helping to create an atmosphere inside the store.Please experience it.

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Sake famous in Hokkaido is sake.

Enjoy the sake that has been refined and prepared in the far north, along with the dishes.

We offer seasonal menus and all-you-can-drink courses.

Enjoy spring, summer, autumn, and winter in Hokkaido with your family, friends, and lovers.

Winter only yamaji specialty oden, spring-summer limited big asparagus, etc.

All-you-can-drink course is available from 4 people.(Reservation required)

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